Everything parents need to know

the Game

What is RolyPolyLand?

RolyPolyLand is a network-based, multi-user online game for children ages 4-12 years old. Kids can meet other children, have a good time, and learn here. The game has been developed using the themes of the popular cartoon show “RolyPolyLand”. The main value of the project is to create a moderated friendly environment with no violence.

We’ve combined entertainment with modern educational techniques. While playing, children learn and get to know more about both the surrounding world and themselves. Adventures in RolyPolyLand help develop children’s memory, attention span, reaction speed, and creative abilities. Children also reinforce the knowledge they learn in school. Some of the games and quizzes in RolyPolyLand are based on subjects your children learn in school.

We strive to consistently update our game. There’s always something interesting happening in RolyPolyLand that anyone can take part in!

& Payment

Every child can become a Roly for free!

There is a special currency used in RolyPolyLand called Gems that you don't have to earn in games. Your child can use Gems to buy super items and a lot of RolyCoins!

You can get Gems and a Membership by using your cell phone, bankcard or e-money.

More information about all payment methods


We try to make the RolyPolyLand experience as safe as possible.

Our specialists monitor children's behavior on our site.

Content Filtering
Special programs "examine" text that appears in the game. Indecent and obscene language is automatically deleted. Our filters were created to take into account the particularities of children's speech. Our programs' word database is constantly updated.

Online Moderators
A team of professional moderators observes the interaction between game users 24 hours a day. Moderators predict undesirable situations before they happen and prevent them. Moderators can close game access to those who break the game's rules. Moderators can also delete suspicious links, account information, telephone numbers, addresses, and other personal information from public areas. Volunteers also ensure safety in RolyPolyLand. As a rule, our volunteers are socially responsible parents who are interested in maintaining trust among our users.

Volunteers help moderators maintain order in RolyPolyLand. They make sure that the players are polite and RolyPolyLand remains a fun and friendly environment.

If you want to join the team of volunteers, then send us an application at support@rolypolyland.com. The application must include your first and last name, sex, age, occupation and how many children you have. You must also have a registered account with your confirmed email address for the game. Indicate the name of your character in the application.

Safety Rules

We ask parents to tell their children about the dangers
of internet games.

Here are the main rules:

  • Never tell anyone your personal information. Never reveal your real name, age, address, telephone number, or school.
  • Never tell your password to anyone except your parents, or else someone might improperly use your account without your permission.
  • Don't use your real first or last name for your Roly.
  • Be polite to other players. Don’t swear or offend other players.
  • Please inform your parents, complain to Pin, or tell the moderator if other users break the rules.

You must confirm your e-mail address when registering your account. We can use this to contact you in case any problems arise.